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I’m glad. 

I’m glad I stayed.
I’m glad I stayed and didn’t walk away. 
I’m glad I didn’t walk away. 

It’s my natural tendency to do so, to run away and wish for a better day not realizing that every day is a better day only if you allow it. My mind wasn’t trusting my heart. The mind, deceived from the perception of “perfect” was doubting any and all words heard, images seen, smelled, felt, tasted. The mind, my mind, was whispering, screaming every reason to turn away. Even the minds of others telling me no, no, no. But my heart would not give up. My heart was fighting, fighting back, fighting my mind, fighting the minds of others. I could not bear their bickering. I was swayed towards the mind at first, but I left it up in the air. He’ll know what to do. Of course, I was going in the opposite direction. So I turned around, taped up the mouth of the mind and gave my heart a chance.

This is me walking into new territory.
I may stumble, I may fall, but if I don’t, I wouldn’t know that I could get back up.
He’ll be there watching me. He’ll be there when I cry. He’ll be there when I’m happy. He, who I can call my Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

I’m glad I stayed. I’m excited about this journey with this person.
I’m glad I didn’t walk away. “I’m looking forward to walking the path with God, with you.”

I’m glad. and happy.